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Bowling Shoe Ugly 15: The Nonchalant Waddle | Articles | What a Maneuver!!
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What a Maneuver! is a podcast about classic wrestling. The show’s hosts, Joe Drilling and Eric Allen, are two crazy men who plan to watch every episode of WWF Raw and WCW Nitro from 1997, in order, then podcast about what they’ve seen.

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Bowling Shoe Ugly 15: The Nonchalant Waddle

BSUC returns! We know it’s been a minute, but we couldn’t not do a second Backalley to Wrestlemania, so this time out, we’re looking at Crush vs. Randy Savage from Wrestlemania X. Along the way, we discuss Roman Reigns, drinking heavily and Mr. Fuji.

And make sure to check out Bashamania on April 2nd over at ButtonMashBash.org! It’ll be a whole bunch of bad wrestling videogames for a good cause!

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