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What a Maneuver 124: Nitro Fans Girls Wrestlers SUCK IT | Articles | What a Maneuver!!
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What a Maneuver! is a podcast about classic wrestling. The show’s hosts, Joe Drilling and Eric Allen, are two crazy men who plan to watch every episode of WWF Raw and WCW Nitro from 1997, in order, then podcast about what they’ve seen.

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What a Maneuver 124: Nitro Fans Girls Wrestlers SUCK IT

This week, we talk about the April 13th, 1998 episode of WCW Nitro, and we’re joined by special guest Jetta Rae Robertson! This episode went SUPER long, and there were a bunch of technical problems while recording it, so I decided to split it into two halves. This one covers only NITRO, so stop by next week for the stunning conclusion!

Topics of discussion include: The WWE women’s division, professional wrestling on military bases, Bret Hart beating off the entire NWO, the scariest Nitro Party, and the sidewalk slam(?).

Also, you can (and should) check out Jetta’s podcast, The Great Podcast in the History of Our Sport.

Click here sidewalk slam?

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