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What a Maneuver! is a podcast about classic wrestling. The show’s hosts, Joe Drilling and Eric Allen, are two crazy men who plan to watch every episode of WWF Raw and WCW Nitro from 1997, in order, then podcast about what they’ve seen.

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What a Maneuver 99: The Most Vincent Face Time

The boys take on the 12/15/97 Raw and Nitro, and merry Xmas, it’s a THREE HOUR NITRO! (The first hour is actually pretty good.) Show includes hot takes on Disco Inferno, the relative desirability of a MagLite as Christmas present, how oddly Abe’s Oddysee was marketed in the ’90s, Vince’s “good guys vs. bad guys” speech, how badly the ball was dropped with a potential Owen vs. Shawn feud and, oh yeah, Stone Cold does some promo on a bridge or something.

Click here to see if anyone’s ever been bigger than Kevin Nash!

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