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What a Maneuver! is a podcast about classic wrestling. The show’s hosts, Joe Drilling and Eric Allen, are two crazy men who plan to watch every episode of WWF Raw and WCW Nitro from 1997, in order, then podcast about what they’ve seen.

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What a Maneuver 83: Freshly Tossed Salad

Eric’s hard drive blew up, so we’re a week behind. Sorry. There will be a loving tribute to the late, great Lee Marshall on the NEXT episode. This time around, we cover WWF One Night Only, and the September 22, 1997 episodes of WCW Nitro and WWF Raw.

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What a Maneuver 82: Creationist Larry Zbyszko

The boys are joined by the On the Stick Seattle Contingent of Ethan Cheng and Nick Rycar to discuss Wrestlemania 30, the Ultimate Warrior’s death and, of course, the 9/15/97 Raw and Nitro. Are you ready for three hours of WaM? We hope so, because it’s ready for YOU.

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What a Maneuver 81: Dog Production Assistant

Joe & Eric record a VERY special episode from Joe’s apartment. We’re covering Fall Brawl 1997 by doing an alternate commentary track! So, pull up WWE Network, start Fall Brawl and listen to us tell you how boring it is while you witness it first hand!

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What a Maneuver 80: In Your House! REF BUMP

This week we cover WWF In Your House: Ground Zero, and the September 8th, 1997 episodes of WWF Raw and WCW Nitro. We discuss the logistics of riding motorcycles up asses, Vlade Divac, and what youtube was like in 1997.

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