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What a Maneuver! is a podcast about classic wrestling. The show’s hosts, Joe Drilling and Eric Allen, are two crazy men who plan to watch every episode of WWF Raw and WCW Nitro from 1997, in order, then podcast about what they’ve seen.

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What a Maneuver 118: Not as Bad as We Thought But Not Good

Eric sits this one out as Martin Dixon of Wrestling in the Clinton Years joins Joe to talk about WCW Uncensored 1998. A pay-per-view of most people performing under their ability and one great match, join us and scratch your heads through it alongside us.

Click here for a rant about the Ultimate Warrior apropos of nothing!

What a Maneuver 117: The Snack Cast

Eric and Joe talk about random snack food, gum and candy, but also pause to discuss the 3/9/98 Raw and Nitro. Highlights include a great Austin promo, two Scott Norton matches, a new nickname for Brian Adams and more!

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What a Maneuver 116: Locked, Cocked, and Ready to Rock

This week we dissect the March 2, 1998 episodes of WWF Raw and WCW Nitro. Talking points include: Carrot Top, anatomy lessons, wrestling’s contributions to modern culture, rap rock, Hey Joe why Steve Blackman?, and a guy in a turkey suit.

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What a Maneuver 115: Supermarketable Skills

The boys take on the 2/23/98 Raw and Nitro, featuring a lot of tag teams splitting up, as well as the debut of the Big Bad Booty Daddy and the return of a different man who loves booty. Also, like, maybe one or two decent wrestling matches. And, in a weird twist of fate, Dusty Dust (but this was recorded before Dream passed away, so expect memorial talk next time).

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